Laminated Bellows
Laminated Bellows are produced to meet the requirements of the machine tool industry (and many other industries), and offer protection against machine swarf, dust and cutting fluids.  Laminated bellows are designed for use on horizontal, vertical and cross slide ways as well as horizontal and vertical feed shafts


They are very popular in the measuring and medical industry and for spindles, columns and shafts. The Laminated Bellows are an inexpensive solution, their main advantage is the great variety in shapes, designs and colors. Folded construction, manufactured from a tough synthetic fabric and nylon laminate.   Central support frames with nylon gliders or roller guides. Reinforcement by means of wire straps or plastic strips can be provided at the inside edges of the laminated Bellows where necessary. Extension stops are incorporated into the design depending on the application and requirements. These require a clear space of 20-30 mm (0.79 - 1.18 Inch) between the guideway and the inner faces of the bellow.

Laminated Bellows Inner Section

As all Laminated Bellows are manufactured to suit customers\\` individual requirements, we would need details of any external influences, such as cutting fluid used, temperature range, mounting position and maximum traverse speed. All types of Laminated Bellows are produced of a multi layered material, a unique strong laminated/glued connection between inside and outside material. Central frames, for stiffening, are supported via plastic or brass gliders as well as rollers on the guide way and are limited at the sides.

"As a general rule, plastic rollers are used for process speeds in excess of 20 metres/min. Metal mounting frames, snap fasteners or velcro tape can be supplied within the dimensions of the bellow to suit special applications.

Easy installation and replacement:

   For easy installation or replacement we have created special designs in laminated bellows that allow mounting the bellows afterwards. The bellows will then be delivered to you with all the necessary equipment to close and seal it. This is a simple, reliable and cost-efficient way to handle this type of problem. For heavy duty applications we have developed (based on intensive experience and experiments) a choice of mounting elements that can be offered as a reliable base for a perfect function of various covers. A combination of dividing and supporting frames of metal and plastic and/or with rollers or plastic gliders can be delivered as required


Polygonal Laminated Bellows
Polygonal Laminated Bellows are produced to meet the requirements of the machine tool industry (and many other industries), and offer protection against machine swarf, dust and cutting fluids. Polygonal laminated bellows can be produced in four (4), six (6), eight (8) or twelve (12) edged types. Installation can be either vertical or horizontal. Intermediate frames with guide rings are provided for support when mounted on a horizontal shaft.


Laminated Bellows Technical specification :
FB - Width of fold A - Required space for the bellow  
SW - Width of the bellow D - Diameter of the shaft, spindle, column  
Lmax - Maximal total extension Lmin - Minimal total compression

FB in mm FB in Inch FAZ in mm FAZ in Inch FZd in mm FZd in Inch
7,5 0,30 10 0,39 3 0,12
10 0,39 13 0,51 3 0,12
12,5 0,49 18 0,71 3 0,12
15 0,59 20 0,79 3 0,12
17,5 0,69 25 0,98 3 0,12
20 0,79 28 1,10 3 0,12
22,5 0,89 30 1,18 3,5 0,14
25 0,98 35 1,38 3,5 0,14
30 1,18 40 1,57 3,5 0,14
35 1,38 48 1,89 4 0,16
40 1,57 55 2,17 4 0,16
50 1,97 65 2,56 4 0,16
60 2,36 80 3,15 5 0,20

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