About Us
A.V. Ibrahim Industry was founded in year of 1964 and A.V. Ibrahim Machine tools Pvt Ltd was founded in 2008 and specialized in developing products from synthetic coated fabrics. In 1979 we began to concentrate our engineering and manufacturing energies on developing flexible protective covers for the machine tool industry to protect personel and machine in operating environments. The techniques we developed in the early application of elastomer coated fabrics evolved into today's highly recognized line of dependable A.V. Ibrahim protective covers.

In 1980 we added metal walk-on-way covers and metal telescoping way covers for protecting ways on machine with heavy chip loads and where it is necessary for the covers to also support the machine's operation. More recent addition to the A.V. Ibrahim Line includes Laser tube metal telescoping tubes for use with laser,variety of custom and stock Guideway wipers and Telescopic wipers for OEM and replacement application

The company A.V. Ibrahim was formed in 1990 to manufacture Filter Paper,Filter Fabric and coolant systems to meet growing demand for protecting in moving machinery. Today A.V. Ibrahim manufactures a complete line of metallic and non metallic open and enclosed type chip & dust carriers for use on machine tools robots mobile equipment, and material handling equipment.

Today you'll find A.V. Ibrahim bellows and covers for cylinder rods and shafts, screw rods, bedways, cross rails, bearing rails, for use as an expansion joints, flexible connections, camera bellows, for protection on medical equipments and machines, and in numerous other applications.
Engineering Assistance
A.V. Ibrahim lines offers the greatest variety of cover materials and construction processes available anywhere hence our engineers are in a position to give you an unbiased recommendation as to the proper product for your application.

When a protective cover design is needed A.V. Ibrahim engineers analyzes the applications, suggest the method of manufacture, the materials to be used and any other design considerations required to meet the needs of the specific application. This includes the necessary mounting material, metal work, guides or support, fabricated as part of the cover, so that you receive a finished product ready to apply to your machine.

Any application that requires protective covers, regardless of its final use, will be considered. Orders are also accepted for prototype units and there is no minimum charge order.

The next time you have a requirement for telescopic cover,flexible covers, bellows devices,cable carriers or connectors let A.V. Ibrahim engineers show you the value .

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