Bellows for Elevating Platform - Order Form
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Phone :
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Mounting top side:
Velcro Tape Metal end plate Other
Mounting bottom side:
Velcro Tape Metal end plate Other
Plated type:
FASTAM (flexible) FASTAF (fixed) FASTAC (closed)
Type of plates:
Flat plate Curved plate
Material of plates:
Stainless steel Aluminum
Length of the table A:
Width of the table B:
Length of the bellow C:
Width of the bellow D:
Width of the plates E:
Maximal extension Lmax:
Minimal compression Lmin:
Stroke Stroke:
Operating conditions :
Indoor Corrosive
Outdoor Abrasive
Wet Magnetic
Dry Heat
Chips/Swarfs Welding sparks
Coolant, type Ash/Dust/Sand
Oil Salt water
Dust Others
Working Temperatures: Minimum: Maximum: Average:
Speed of Stroke: Minimum: Maximum: Average:
Pressure internal/external: Minimum: Maximum: Average:
Frequency of operation: Cycles per Min Cycles per day/year: /